This is the submission page for LETTERS JOURNAL and the LETTERS LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. Due to our erratic printing schedule, we accept submissions all year round. Your submission will be accepted or turned down in a few weeks. If you do not receive a response within three weeks, please email editor(at)

Submissions via post are not welcome right now as we move to a new location.

Beginning with issue #5, writers we publish will be paid $25.

If you cannot decide whether or not to submit your work, consider this: that which at first seems qualitatively exceptional later turns out to be a quantitative addition. Honest!
Submit beautiful and challenging fiction for the LETTERS LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. We are seeking prose between 300 and 3000 words.
Submit beautiful and challenging poetry for the LETTERS LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. If you are submitting multiple poems, please submit each poem individually.
Submit articles and interviews for either LETTERS or LETTERS LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. There is no word limit but please contact us in advance if you plan to submit a long article. Book reviews are welcome.
Submit translations for LETTERS and LETTERS LITERARY SUPPLEMENT. All translations must include the original. Please list your previous translations in the cover letter/bio.
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